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“Help Those Who Need It” is not just our Mission at Mexico Children’s Foundation – it is our Action. We put our Mission into ACTION by:

  • Helping families whose children are in economic duress
  • Helping local families gain access to medical care they cannot afford
  • Helping provide education assistance to children less fortunate
  • Helping to enrich children’s lives

We ‘Help Those Who Need It’ and the need is great in Mexico. The Mexico Children’s Foundation is here to help the children in communities we serve and we do it one child at a time. Our Vision is to directly impact the health, education, and general well being of a young life.

The beauty of the Mexican beach communities as vacation destinations with the sparkling aqua blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Sea of Cortez offering the most incredibly gorgeous sunsets pales in comparison to the smiles from the families of the children we are able to help. Unfortunately, many residents across Mexico live in poverty and cannot afford medical care, educational needs, or even food for their children. That’s where Mexico Children’s Foundation can be found – helping those who need it!

Besides medical care, our foundation provides transportation, clothing and school needs for those that cannot afford it. No child should be left behind, no matter what the circumstance.

Won’t you join us today? Every penny donated is put to good use helping children and families in serious need. Please donate today by clicking the DONATIONS tab now. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.


Steve Schwab

Mexico Children’s Foundation