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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Angel Jesus Tautimez

    Angel’s Mom reach to the Mexico Children Foundation for help to have him check up an abnormal growth he is having on his previous surgery. The foundation provided them to travel to Hermosillo.

  • Jesus Guadalupe Duarte


  • David Humberto Hernandez

    David is a ten month old baby who has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, inter ventricular communication and inter-trial communication from the heart. In layman terms, this is a malformation of the heart and causes abnormal passage of blood between the two ventricles. This disease causes a growth delay and eventually heart surgery. Mexico Children’s Continue Reading

  • Brandon Giron

    Brandon has been diagnosed with Cri du Chat syndrome. The list of complications caused by this disease are many and include difficulty swallowing, poor growth, hyperactivity, aggression, tantrum, motor delays,unusual facial features and much more. Mexico Children’s Foundation provided funds for travel and medical support for Brandon and his family to see specialists in Hermosilla Continue Reading