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    • Help Those Who Need It

      “Help Those Who Need It” is not just our Mission at Mexico Children’s Foundation – it is our Action. We put our Mission into ACTION by:

      We ‘Help Those Who Need It’ and the need is great in Mexico. The Mexico Children’s Foundation is here to help the children in communities we serve and we do it one child at a time. Our Vision is to directly impact the health, education, and general well being of a young life.

    • Donations

      The donations come into the Mexico Children’s Foundation through generous patrons, and annual and local events. Available funds are dispersed first to the most critical child. The Foundation makes all arrangements and pays for everything upfront as agreed upon with the medical provider, transportation services provider, etc.

    • Fundraising Programs and Events

      The Mexico Children’s Foundation hosts annual and periodic fundraising events to maintain awareness of the needs of the local community and to refill the financial storehouse. We never want to turn away a child due to lack of financial resources. Therefore, your assistance and our fundraising efforts are required.

    • Link Your Organization

      The Mexico Children’s Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving the children and families in Mexico. We would like you to partner with us and put a link to our website on your webpage and we will put a link to your website on our webpage. Working together, we can multiply our efforts, accelerate recognition for our foundations, and spread the message to create opportunities for life-changing outcomes.

      Please take action by emailing us your link and we’ll respond with our link. Thanks for making a difference!

    • Our Mission

      The Mexico Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of the children in communities we serve. We offer assistance in four specific ways

      • By providing medical assistance to local families who cannot afford to pay for their children’s health care needs

      • By assisting families whose children are in economic duress;

      • By offering education assistance to children;

      • By assisting in the general education enrichment of children’s lives.

      Our team works with area volunteers to provide financial support, access to transportation services, and counseling to access medical care or educational enrichment services. No child left behind!

    • Volunteer

      Volunteers are our greatest resource. Consider volunteering your time…nothing else…just time to help these wonderful children that are part of the Mexico Children’s Foundation. Not sure what to do? We are happy to provide training and connect you to a part of our organization where you can bring the great value and be the most fulfilled. The time you volunteer and work with these wonderful children brings along a lifetime of blessings. We can’t do it all ourselves…we need YOU! The time you volunteer can bring more meaning into these children’s lives even more than a monetary donation. It lets them know they are not alone. Someone cares…and that is YOU.

    • Partnerships

      The Mexico Children’s Foundation is seeking partnerships with organizations committed to enriching the lives of children by providing medical care, educational needs and providing a sustainable future for them. Everyone needs our help, especially the children. To become a partner reach us at

    • Fundraising Events

      Fundraising events can be fun while becoming part of a child’s life forever. When you participate or host a fundraiser you are not only giving money, you are giving part of yourself, and that will stay with you forever. People committed to making a difference in the world are the energy behind the Mexico Children’s Foundation. They provide assurance that our important work will continue into the future. Supporters of the Mexico Children’s Foundation are critical in helping us maximize our efforts to make a difference in the life of a child. In order to continue with our goal to help the children, we need YOU to sponsor an event, donate money, food or clothing so that we can make a lasting change in the lives of these children. Become a fundraiser NOW! You will never regret it and it will stay in your heart forever.