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Our Family of Children

  • Testimony from Ana Paula’s family

    We would like to express our deepest appreciation for your generous contribution to assist us with our endeavor to help Mexican children with special needs. Without your benevolent help, and due to their economic impoverishment, it would not be possible for these children to receive the care they need for these serious medical conditions. Our Continue Reading

  • Jesus Miguel Tadeo Flores

    This two year old boy has digestive issues.To help manage his condition, Jesus reguires regular medication. Mexico Children’s Foundation is helping to provide this, as well as a series of blood tests to help determine the cause.

  • Emily Guadalupe

    Four year old Emily has Down’s Syndrome. Her development is delayed, as she is unable to controll her movements for walking, or to hold up her head sertraline 100mg tablets. Mexico Children’s Foundation has been asked to help provide resources to obtain a CAT Scan. Caborca, Mexico is the closest city with the neccesary CAT Continue Reading

  • Yoana Monserrat Parra

    Mexico Children’s Foundation has helped Yoana in the past with an eye prostheses needed as the result of an accident. She currently needs glasses for far-sightedness, as well as replacing her prosthesis due to an infection that has developed.

  • Ruby Esmeralda Lepe Barreras

  • Angel Jesus Tautimez

    Angel’s Mom reach to the Mexico Children Foundation for help to have him check up an abnormal growth he is having on his previous surgery. The foundation provided them to travel to Hermosillo.

  • Jesus Guadalupe Duarte


  • David Humberto Hernandez

    David is a ten month old baby who has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, inter ventricular communication and inter-trial communication from the heart. In layman terms, this is a malformation of the heart and causes abnormal passage of blood between the two ventricles. This disease causes a growth delay and eventually heart surgery. Mexico Children’s Continue Reading

  • Brandon Giron

    Brandon has been diagnosed with Cri du Chat syndrome. The list of complications caused by this disease are many and include difficulty swallowing, poor growth, hyperactivity, aggression, tantrum, motor delays,unusual facial features and much more. Mexico Children’s Foundation provided funds for travel and medical support for Brandon and his family to see specialists in Hermosilla Continue Reading

  • Alejandra Arias Gama

    Alejandra is 11 years old and suffers from brain paralysis. She was diagnosed at 5 years old. MCF has provided assistance for medications since 2008. Mexico Children’s Foundation continues to provide funding for her medications and treatment supplies.

  • Cesar Antonio Rodriguez

    Mexico Children’s Foundation provides assistance to Cesar for the treatment of Asthma. We are now providing additional assistance for travel and related expenses for a Specialists evaluation and treatment in Hermosilla. Cesar is 4 years old.

  • Sarahi Acedo

    Sarahi Acedo is 2 years old and has had a tracheostomy since birth. MCF is providing financial assistance for travel and related surgical expenses to close the tracheostomy.

  • Jesse Guadalupe Duarte

    Jesse has a Hemangioma Tumor on his head that continues to provide problems look at this site. MCF has provided funding for travel, MRI and treatments in Hermosilla.

  • David Ricardo Ayon Aguire

    David was diagnosed with Leukemia in November 2013. David is 18 years old and has been studying at San Luis University until the illness sertraline tablets. MCF is providing assistance for the treatments and related travel expenses to Hermosilla.

  • Monserrat Parra Lopez

    Monserrat lost the left eye in February 2007. Mexico Children’s Foundation was able to provide the requested support for treatment.