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Testimonial #1

“They said she had a malignant tumor and should operate as soon as possible
to prevent the tumor affected her brain, they said they should be intervene
as soon as we moved with our family and acquaintances, as the cost of the
operation was very high, when we thought we were not able to complete, it
appeared the MCF and Steve Schwab Foundation helped us without conditions
and without benefits for him, rather than the sole intention to help, so he
did and now our daughter is 11 years old, still under observation but thank
God she has not fallen and the tumor has not returned, “said the mother of
little Paulis.

For his part, Federico Medina Lozano, said that without the help of the
Mexico Children’s Foundation, his daughter may not live in
these days and deeply appreciated the support received from Steve Schwab
and his foundation.

Guadalupe Xochitl Tizoc Gonzalez

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