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Testimonial #3

“I met Steve Schwab in 2003, since then he offered to help me and we channeled to the foundation, always helped me with the expenses, medicines, any support I needed for Juan Manuel. Thanks to Steve, the doctors tell me that the recovery has been miraculous, as a child with cerebral palsy, hardly improved their condition, Juan Manuel had completely straighten his feet and right now walks alone, supported with a cane but only, I owe Steve and his foundation, all the improvement that my son has had, Juan Manuel, had complications in his eyes, as the same paralysis and muscular dystrophy caused the eyes to atrophy, and after operations, treatments, ointments and special drops, his eyes returned to enjoy the world for he had gone at a young age.” Juan Manuel’s mother, explained that she estimates that “the foundation, over 9 years, has supported at least 100 thousand dollars, which, has saved the life of my son because my son, without the help of Steve Schwab and his foundation would not have survived¨

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