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2013 Charity Walk – Day 8

Today Steve did amazing walking over 25 miles (by closest estimate or maybe a little more) bringing him within reach of Rocky Point on Monday afternoon. He still has a ways to go but he fully expects to be in Rocky Point late Monday. His energy is good, his spirits are great, and he will definitely succeed in his mission.

Today he had an encounter with a dog that didn’t appreciate his mission but Steve was able to convince the dog to go back to his own business. No harm. No foul. If you have seen the picture of Steve feeding the coyote on Facebook you know he has a way with animals! And to cap off the adventure, the sunset tonight over Rocky Point was absolutely beautiful.

Along the route is a small house that has a sign out front offering Soda’s for sale. This is how they make a living – selling soda’s on the side of the road. Steve looked over at me and said, “We have to help them stay in business.” Got out of the truck, bought two soda’s, and moved on.

The point is, compassion for others is a core value of our leader. Even when no one is looking, not expecting anything in return, help those you can even if it is as small as buying a product from them you really don’t need. It didn’t cost much but to the man selling the soda’s it was appreciated.

Now fast forward to Mexico Children’s Foundation. A 200 mile walk doesn’t sound like something many people would do. And certainly not to raise money and awareness for children in a different place, you don’t know. But Steve set out 10 years ago doing this 200 mile walk. And on Monday, he will have covered 2000 miles over the 10 year period raising money for the children of Mexico who need someone to help; someone to care. Thank you for caring, for giving, for having compassion so others may have an opportunity. The volunteers of the Mexico Children’s Foundation appreciate your support and we appreciate our leader, Steve Schwab, who walks his talk for the children.

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