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2013 Charity Walk – Day One

The annual Charity Walk by our Founder, Steve Schwab, started today at 5 AM when his support staff arrived to pick him up at his home. With backpack, hat, walking stick, new running shoes (of course with Sea Side Reservations orange colored soles), and new sunglasses, Steve was bright and pumped up for the walk.

We drove to the drop off point after first dropping water and Gatorade at strategic points along the route. With the cool morning breeze as the sun was peeking over the horizon, Steve and an associate set out on the walk. The support vehicle slowly pulled away and disappeared into the distance.

Mile one down, mile two down, mile three down, all going well. Mile four, mile five and on to mile six; the duo heading south toward the Mexico border, raising awareness and dollars for the children in Mexico. Steve setting the comfortable pace and singing at times under his breathe, the walk was progressing as planned in the beautiful morning hours. The cool breeze maintained its vigil and the occasional trucker would honk a horn and give a wave.

Mile seven, mile eight and then something started going wrong. Steve noticed the associate was losing pace and more importantly, not looking so good. Steve called for a stop, and insisted on ascertaining the problem. With fresh socks, a few carbs, and additional hydration, and the duo are back on the road. More hydration and a comfortable pace, all seems to be going well.

Mile nine, mile ten, mile eleven and problems occur all over again. This time, the associate is unable to continue. Steve, the US Army Ranger, kicks into high gear. “No man left behind” and “no risk of certain injury,” Steve the Ranger calls in the support vehicle.

The day didn’t go as planned but the heart of our founder and leader, with the same love he demonstrates day in and day out for the children, he demonstrated for an associate. Help every one you can, leave no one behind, and make a difference where you are.

Day Two will get here fast enough and the Army Ranger will be back in full stride heading south toward Rocky Point. His goal to raise awareness and money to support more children will be realized. The associate is safe at home recovering. And one more person experienced the real Steve Schwab in action, doing what he does best – leading, caring, and making a difference.

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