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Category Archives: Children & Youth

  • Cesar Antonio Rodriguez

    Mexico Children’s Foundation provides assistance to Cesar for the treatment of Asthma. We are now providing additional assistance for travel and related expenses for a Specialists evaluation and treatment in Hermosilla. Cesar is 4 years old.

  • Sarahi Acedo

    Sarahi Acedo is 2 years old and has had a tracheostomy since birth. MCF is providing financial assistance for travel and related surgical expenses to close the tracheostomy.

  • Jesse Guadalupe Duarte

    Jesse has a Hemangioma Tumor on his head that continues to provide problems look at this site. MCF has provided funding for travel, MRI and treatments in Hermosilla.

  • David Ricardo Ayon Aguire

    David was diagnosed with Leukemia in November 2013. David is 18 years old and has been studying at San Luis University until the illness sertraline tablets. MCF is providing assistance for the treatments and related travel expenses to Hermosilla.

  • Monserrat Parra Lopez

    Monserrat lost the left eye in February 2007. Mexico Children’s Foundation was able to provide the requested support for treatment.

  • Amy Yadira Rendon

    Amy suffered congenital malformation of kidney and at her early age she had to travel to the State Hospital to treat her for a severe hydronephrosis of the left kidney. The Mexicos Children Foundation step in and help her.

  • Bianey Martinez

    Bianey suffers left hip dysplasia since birth, back in 2007 the Mexico Children´s fundation help her with her therapy check it out.

  • Jesus Eduardo Villanueva

    Jesus is unable to speak or walk, as he has not developed properly for his age. He needs an MRI to diagnose his development issues. His parents requested assistance from Mexico Children’s Foundation to fund the cost of the MRI. The MRI costs $4000 Pesos more info here.

  • Jocelyn Gpe Alcaraz Guzman

    Jocelyn requires dialysis and Mexico Children’s Foundation was able to provide the requested travel support to acquire the treatment sertraline 50mg tablets.

  • Enya Luzianilla Rios

    The Mexico Children’s Foundation provided assistance in December 2004 to assist Enya and her parents with treatment for Myeloblastic Acute Leukemia. Enya passed away at 12 years old.